About Us

Counted amongst the renowned Ayurvedic doctors is Dr. Sethi Hairloss Clinic in Chand Nagar, Gurudwara Road, Delhi. Since 1981, we have been running a clinic and practising the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. Having many years of expertise in this domain of medical science, we attended to countless patients. Ayurveda heals one’s body through herbal treatments, dietary changes and yogic breathing techniques. Practitioners of this medical science have a different way to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses. As a trained medical professional, we have the thorough knowledge and practise of the time-tested procedures and remedies in the realm of Ayurveda.

Your long beautiful shiny hair and charming skin can be become the topic of serious discussion among your friends by availing the seamless and transparent services. Skin with overpopulated acne, acne scars become a point of depression for us to face the glamorous world but we well reckoned for our best Acne Treatment In Delhi with our ayurvedic treatment makes your skin free from overgrown acnes.

Ayurveda is a safe and cost effective alternative medicine to cure hair loss problems. Ayurvedic home remedies treat hair fall completely if it used in the early stage of hair fall. As per Ayurvedic philosophy, hair loss is caused due to excess of Pitta dosha in the body. Pitta increases in the body due to excess intake of alcohol, coffee, tea, smoking, fried, spicy & acidic food products, and hot climatic conditions, the product we provide for treating hair fall is totally build with natural remedies, we fulfil body essentials for hair growth and improve the existing hair quality,

Few tips to prevent hair loss

  • Sleep for 7-8 hours daily
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, smoking
  • Iron rich and adequate protein diet is good for hair loss
  • The juice of carrot, lettuce is good for hair growth
  • Don’t comb hair when they’re wet
  • Drink adequate amount of water
  • Do yoga and meditation daily for at least 15 mins
  • Massage scalp daily