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Hair Fall Treatment In Delhi

Dr Sethi hair loss clinic offers comprehensive and effective hair fall treatment in Delhi. The treatment starts with discussions with the client, diagnosing the issue, identifying the root cause of the hair fall and coming up with unique and effective solutions. Only a proficient specialist can recommend the perfect treatment method after proper diagnoses.

There may be several reasons behind the hair fall ranging from deficiencies in blood to hereditary factors Our expertise helps us to render the advanced dermatology treatment that includes platelet rich plasma therapy, follicular unit extraction, and follicular unit transplantation.

In the platlet rich plasma therapy, the blood of the client is taken and is made platelet rich. The platelet rich blood is then injected into the skin to support the growth of hair naturally. In follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation, the hair from the back of the head is taken for plantation at the balding part of the scalp. There is a slight difference in these two treatments.

We customise the services on the basis of the cause of hair fall, area of baldness and spread of baldness. During the discussion, our medical expert asks several questions to get to the root of the cause. It is important to understand the root of the cause for an effective and successful hair loss treatment.

The entire treatment is performed by our team of specialists led by the doctor, who have conducted hundreds of such treatment with high customer satisfaction rating. We ensure that each client gets personalised service and personal care at our clinic for 100 % satisfaction.

Available On Monthly As Well As Per Day Basis.