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Dr.Sethi Hair Clinic In Delhi

Dr Sethi Hair Loss Clinic offers the best technologies and techniques available in the world related to hair loss treatment. Our experience and professional commitment helps clients to get the hair loss restoration matching their face and personality. Our clinic is fitted with modern infrastructure and technology needed for the successful hair loss treatments.

The hair transplantation is performed through two techniques known as follicular hair extraction and follicular hair transplantation. The hair restoration is performed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. The hair from the back of the head of the client is taken for the hair loss treatments. The use of sophisticated tools and instruments helps us to deliver flawless surgery with minimum invasion and hardly any visible marks on the scalp. The treatment is performed on the client after administration of local anesthesia.

The services are open to both man and woman and generally one sitting is enough for the satisfactory hair transplantation. The use of latest methods and tools by us helps clients to take part in all normal activities and resume the daily work schedule from next day. The entire hair loss treatment is performed by the doctors, which gives desired results in the short period of time. After the treatment, the receiver can take part in all the activities like swimming, dancing, running, and other acts just like a normal person.

The treatment starts with consultation and discussion with the client to select the best treatment method and customise the services for 100 % satisfaction. We make sure that each client gets customised solutions and personalised services by our doctor. We also take the patient into confidence by sharing all the details and recommending some steps for achieving the best results.

Our Services

We are deal in Hair loss treatment and Skin related problem treatment with traditional and research base product. Our treatment based on pulse reading and pulse analysis.

  • Dr.Sethi

    We are deal in Hair loss treatment with traditional and research base product. Our treatment based on pulse reading and pulse analysis..

  • Dr.Sethi

    we deal pre mature greying , dandruff, falling of hair, low growth hair, patches on sculp, baldness.Subjects in a hair loss clinical trial are monitored closely to determine the effects of the applied treatment.

  • Dr.Sethi

    Investigators mark the progress for each participant over the course of the study period. Clinical study where we fallow with the permission of our patient further evolution and progress. We give 100% guarantee to keep secret of data.