Dr. Sethi Hairloss Clinic in Tilak Nagar is a well-maintained centre. It is neatly sectioned into a waiting area for patients to wait for their turn and a consulting room, where this practitioner attends to patients. This doctor first understands the patient’s medical history and discusses the health issues they are facing. Post that, a simple examination may be conducted to check the ‘levels’ of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the doshas or elementary substances in one’s body. Based on this examination, this physician prescribes suitable treatment or medication. You can visit this clinic between 00:00-16:00 – 00:00-21:30. Make a payment using Cash.

We offered services:

  • Hair Fall
  • Low growth of hair
  • Scalp Infection
  • Scalp Patches
  • Premature Greying hair